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Many cheap machines in the market are slow, noisy, unreliable, difficult to operate, vibrate excessively and break easily. Unfortunately purchasers often discover this after they have bought such machines.

We take care to offer quality machines at reasonable prices.

We back up the guarantee on any machine we sell. We don't send you back to the manufacturers. We have our own workshop and many years of experience. We deal with any guarantee problem you may have.

If you buy a machine from our shop, you are very welcome to come back for training on how to use it.

If you buy a new machine from us WE CAN TAKE YOUR OLD ONE IN PART EXCHANGE.

We supply carpet overedging machines (aka carpet whippers aka carpet overlockers aka carpet overedgers) both new and second hand as available.

In the new carpet whipper range we have:

Bigfoot CWH2

* High quality, precision built 2 thread carpet overedger

* PLEASE DON'T CONFUSE OUR MACHINE WITH SIMILAR LOOKING MACHINES OF LOWER QUALITY MADE IN CHINA. This machine is a high precision piece of engineering made in Taiwan-- much superior.

* Mounted on a unit stand with 3/4 horse power 240 volt single phase clutch motor.

* Suitable for overedging tufted carpets, rugs, blankets, car mats or any extra-heavy materials.

* The machine is easy to thread and it produces beautifully even stitches.

* The unique design of the head allows inside and outside curves to be sewn with ease.

* The Bigfoot CWH2 allows you to overedge all those pieces of left over carpet that you have and to turn them into money for sale as rugs.

* The machine is also widely used for preparing carpet widths for the traditional stair carpets with rods.

* The oil is confined to the interior of the machine. No messy oil can or oil holes.

* State of the Art fully automatic splash-feed lubrication system reaches all moving parts.

* Fast, 3000 stitches per minute.

* Stitch width 12 mm.

* Inter stitch space 1-10 mm.

* Net weight 38 Kgs.

* Free delivery, instalation and tuition at your premises within 200 miles of Luton.

* Come and try the machine yourself. We are conveniently located 1 mile from M1 junction 10a. Free parking on request.

Bigfoot CWL3

* High quality, precision built 2 thread carpet overedger

* Mounted on a unit stand with 1/2 horse power 240 volt single phase clutch motor.

* Suitable for overedging tufted carpets, rugs, blankets, car mats or other light to medium materials.

* This machine is a high precision piece of engineering made in Taiwan.

* The machine is easy to thread and it produces beautifully even stitches.

* The oil is confined to the interior of the machine. No messy oil can or oil holes.

* State of the Art fully automatic splash-feed lubrication system reaches all moving parts.

* Fast, 4200 stitches per minute.

* Net weight 16 Kgs.

Karpet King

We can also supply the three thread Karpet King carpet overlocker.

Emery cordless rechargeable powercutter

*A powerful rotary cutter ideal for cutting out intricate shapes prior to whipping by machine.

Click here for more information on the power cutter.

Stitch sample available on request.

We don't 'leave you in the lurch' we can service and repair your machine and we have an extensive range of machine parts and accessories available for collection or shipment by post or courier.

We operate the VAT reclaim system for personal shoppers exporting machines outside the European Union area. We can also ship through a shipping agent by arrangement.

We also stock a latch tool aka loop turner aka rouleaux loop turner for neatly finishing off your overlocking.

Tell us your special requirements. We have even supplied machines specially adapted to be used to manufacture parts of satellites!.

Click here for more information.


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